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Tuesday, December 30, 2003
  Arizona Football by David Z. Dent

What? Do people in Arizona play football?

Not very well this year. ASU was supposed to compete with USC for the PAC-10 title - didn't happen. The Cardinals will always be a joke as long as the franchise is owned by a Bidwell. The UA finally hit rock bottom. Thank God for Mike Stoops. I believe he will be a savior for the UA football program. He is getting a very warm welcome here in Tucson. I need to chastise the local papers for not having an article about him in the last two weeks.

It will be painful, but I will have to root for USC against Michigan in the Rose Bowl. If USC wins, does that mean that USC is better than Ohio State? Hugh? Hello, Mr. Hewitt?

Enough. No more tough talk until January 1, '04. 
  Arizona Basketball by David Z. Dent

The Wildcats just narrowly avoided a loss to Lousianna-LaFayette. Of course the cats were asleep at the wheel and the Cajuns were shooting out of their minds tonight. This Wildcat team is an amazing one to watch.

The Cats start the PAC-10 season on Saturday in Tempe to beat down another upstart Sun Devil team. The sports guys on Fox Sports Net keep suggesting that ASU is up and coming and will soon compete with UA. Every year, they get smacked down. We'll see what happens. 
  New Iraqi Poll Just In by David Z. Dent

Check out this poll I found on my favorite Iraqi Dentist's weblog, Healing Iraq. I wonder how many major media outlets will print it, or even give it a bit of analysis to determine its accuracy.

It is hard to like this information if you were against the war. I guess the only part that the anti-war crowd could get excited about would be the part about Iraqi's feeling justified in the attacks on Israel in 1991. I guess they could make the arguement that such an anti-semitic people aren't worthy of rescue or liberation. But of course how do you explain the support of our anti-semitic French "allies"?

The anti-war people have only one bone of contention that stands upon solid ground: Preemptive war. It is a dangerous precedent to set. Unfortunately, this was not a preemptive war. This was the breaking of a cease-fire to an existing war that was never officially ended by any sort of treaty. Saddam's government refused to play by the rules for 12 years, breaking the agreements they made in order to acheive a cease-fire. We could have ramped up and gone back to hostilities at any time after his first digression from the cease-fire agreement back in the early 1990's and been completely within our international rights.

So, we must be on the lookout. The Dems will try and paint the Iraq war as a preemptive one and that charge must not be allowed to stand unchallenged. Without the charge, they have nothing upon which to build a campaign for the White House. 
  Holy Economics!! by David Z. Dent

Hat Tip to Andrew Sullivan for this great article.

Carl Rove has got to be soaking his outer garments with saliva awaiting to jump into the ring with any one of these Dem-weanies. I really appreciated the part about the rising income levels of Blacks in our country. It is something that I have had a hunch about for some time. There has been a rising black conservative movement in this country, which tells me that more and more are starting to recognize the virtues of self-reliance, and are having the confidence to trust it. My belief is that the ability to switch political parties will lag behind the affluence a bit due to sentiment, loyalty and habit.

In any case, this story is great news for everyone, but especially great news for those of us that would like to see a second term for our current president.

Monday, December 22, 2003
  Holiday Spirit By Jason Stonefeld

Here is a gem about Kwanzaa the fake holiday that is now recognized amongst the cultural elite. 
  Why the Poor are Poor By Jason Stonefeld

This article pretty much sums up why most (not all) poor are in poverty. (Yes, that is a redundant statement). 
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