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Friday, September 19, 2003
  Numb by David Z. Dent

My second son was born on August 30, 2003, just three weeks ago. The second anniversary of the 9/11 attacks came and went and now the east coast of the US is recovering from a brush with a hurricane.

The American press corps has done a supremely incompetant job in reporting the world events. I read Iraqi newspapers, French papers, Brittish papers and then I read US papers. Our press corps are not on our team.

I don't get the feeling from anyone on the left, or anyone in the press, that they want America to succeed...at anything. There is nothing that the US can do (especially under a conservative administration) that doesn't warrant harsh criticism.

I am sick of it. I am demoralized by it. I have two boys to raise in a culture that hates itself. How do I teach them the blessings that they have been given with the constant droning of negative influence from popular culture? I want to lash out, I want to scream, I want to cry. But I end up being numb. Worn out by my impotence to affect the world around me in any noticable fashion.

I read history and wonder why others can be so cynical, so jaded, so resentful at the hand that feeds them. If things aren't perfect, everything is wrong. There is no middle ground for these people, no reasoning, no compromise. We are the Great Satan. Even the murderers that target little babies are better than a man that goes to work every day and tries to make life a little better for his kids than it was for him.

The post-modernists, the atheists, the socialists, the communists. Critical of what is, skeptical of what was, empty of suggestions of what shall be. Their philosophy is equivalent to cultural suicide. A slow, painful death of a thousand cuts, all the while imbibing the drugs of entertainment and distraction to hide the fact that death is coming.

Is this great experiment doomed to slip away into libertine submission? What comes after America dies? What possible scenario is better than an American hegemony? I look at history and I see the Dark Ages coming. The Barbarians have passed through the gates. Critical mass of people on the dole is crippling our ability to live as a nation. Our culture is slipping away into the night. This ship is sinking and the loony left and its media cohorts are arguing over seating arrangements on the deck chairs as the Nero plays his violin (sorry for the mixed metaphors).

May God continue to Bless America and help break the back of the political left in this country so that we can have some sanity back in our government. There is nothing immoral about self-preservation. 
  Ought vs. Want by David Z. Dent

Here is a great article. Read it
  "Not at Albright" by David Z. Dent

I saw an article on Fox News' website that made me smile. Check it out here. The title is very clever.

I was driven to post it as I had just seen an interview the other day with Bill O'Reilly, so her existence was fresh in my mind. In the interview, she reiterated the droning whine from the left that is a massless, baseless, frictionless, formless, complaint against the Bush administration. The Bleat from Lileks said it best:

"In short: the same people who chide America for its short-attention span think we should have stopped military operations after the Taliban was routed. (And they quite probably opposed that, for the usual reasons.) The people who think it’s all about oil like to snark that we should go after Saudi Arabia. The people who complain that the current administration is unable to act with nuance and diplomacy cannot admit that we have completely different approaches for Iraq, for Iran, for North Korea. The same people who insist we need the UN deride the Administration when it gives the UN a chance to do something other than throw rotten fruit.

The same people who accuse America of coddling dictators are sputtering with bilious fury because we actually deposed one. "

I am terribly worried that, with the aid of an agendized media machine, the country is losing its focus on the very real danger of terrorist attacks on US soil.
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